Ngày: Tháng Sáu 7, 2023

Water Hyacinth Storage Boxes With Lids

Water hyacinth storage boxes with lids are eco-friendly and versatile storage solutions that can add a touch of natural beauty to your home or office. Water hyacinth is a fast-growing aquatic plant that is harvested, dried, and woven to create durable and sustainable storage boxes. Here are some key features […]

Hanging Rattan Fruit Basket

A hanging rattan fruit basket is a type of basket made from rattan material that is specifically designed to hold and display fruits. It is designed to be hung from the ceiling or a sturdy hook, allowing the fruits to be stored in a suspended position. Rattan is a type […]

Coconut Bowl and Spoon

A coconut bowl and spoon are natural and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional bowls and spoons made from plastic or ceramic. They are typically crafted from coconuts that have been harvested for their meat and water. Coconut bowls are created by cleaning and polishing the shells of coconuts. They retain the […]