Ngày: Tháng Sáu 24, 2023

Black Bamboo Lamp Shade

The Black Bamboo Lamp Shade is a unique and visually striking lighting accessory made from slender bamboo slats. Here are some key features and advantages of the Black Bamboo Lampshade. Key Features Handmade and Eco-friendly The lampshade is 100% handmade using eco-friendly materials, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally conscious product. […]

Seagrass Lantern Hanging

Seagrass Lantern Hanging The Seagrass Lantern Hanging is a decorative item crafted by skilled Vietnamese artisans. It is made from seagrass, which gives it a rustic and natural appearance. The lantern features a unique shape design created through seagrass weaving techniques. The use of seagrass material makes the lantern eco-friendly, […]