Ngày: Tháng Sáu 30, 2023

Large Hyacinth Basket by thanhcongcraft

Large Hyacinth Basket The Large Hyacinth Basket by Thanh Cong Handicraft Co., Ltd is a beautiful and practical basket made from water hyacinth, a natural and sustainable material. This basket showcases the craftsmanship and expertise of the artisans at Thanh Cong Handicraft Co., Ltd. The large water hyacinth basket is […]

Rectangular Seagrass Basket by thanhcongcraft

Rectangular Seagrass Basket The Rectangular Seagrass Basket offered by Thanh Cong Handicraft Co., Ltd is a versatile and eco-friendly storage solution. Made from seagrass, a natural and sustainable material, this rectangular basket combines functionality with an appealing aesthetic. The seagrass rectangular basket features a sturdy construction, allowing it to hold […]